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Your pump is the heart of your water well system, which is why it is crucial that you have the best shallow or deep well pumps for the type of well you have. The pump is the most important equipment of your water well system if the pump is not working correctly or worse your water well system will break down. 

Although you buy to replace or set up a new system, choose the right well pump for your water well system, sometimes lead to stress than necessary because there are so many types, design, brand, and cost. In the guide, you will not only know which is the best well pump for you, but you will also learn a bit more about the different type pumps available, how to pumps work and Installation. Pumps are suitable tools for lifting water from the well and centrifugal pumps are the most popular and commonly used types for doing this job. Because of their provide very high flow rates and have the ability to adjust their flow rates over a wide range.

We’re going to take a closer look at the different types of well pumps commonly used for residential ground wells. Finding the model that fits your home’s needs when it’s time to either install a pump for a new well or replace an aging pump. There are 3 common well pump types available to consider. Shallow Well Pump, Convertible Well Pump, Deep Well Submersible Pump.

This type of water pump is the type of pump that is most widely used by households in Indonesia, both large wells and drill wells. This jet pump type pump has a maximum limit of only 60 meters. For the installation technique itself is not so different from the type of shallow water pump, the difference is the installation of the suction pipe that uses 2 lines, where one of the pipes serves as a jet or a driver of water towards the suction pipe. However, this type of pipe requires electricity that is slightly larger than a shallow water pump, because it uses an electric motor with more power than the type of shallow well water pump.